Two wheels through the weald

Waiting an hour at Dorking Deepdene due to the excitement of a fire on our train. By the time we reached Horsham hours had passed and seasons had changed.

Leaving home it had been sunny and warm. Horsham, in contrast, was very cold and very wet. The sun did eventually show its face, though not until the next day. In fact we had rather peculiar weather as the first week was particularly cold with nights down to below freezing.

The second week was a heatwave and involved buying shorts in charity shops, slapping on the sun cream and sweating up hills wondering how the heck we ever wore mittens and multiple layers a mere few hours before. But such are the joys and vagaries of the British weather. This involved not kissing anyone apart from my own offspringremoving a total of eleven hefty bags of kit off the pram and carrying them and the bikes and pram back and forth, back and forth over said obstacles, while often being chased by frisky cows and bullocks at the same time.

The whole operation to move a mere handful of feet would take not much short of half an hour. And so the days passed. Not a position I can keep up for long due to arduous gradient.

Wheels on the Bus - CoComelon Nursery Rhymes \u0026 Kids Songs

Jack giving a helping push up testing terrain. We slept on floors in houses or in cramped pubs where we shared the toilets and showers with chefs and in-house dogs called things like Juno and Dulux. The scenery was a delight in so many places: wooded tracks bordered by carpets of wild flowers bluebells, daffodils, stitchwort, anemones, wild garlicsweeping views of hills and valleys and Downs.

Accompanying us on our way were birds like red kite and lapwings and larks. I think it must be impossible to hear the song of a lark and not feel happy. The only unpleasant thing was rare encounters with motor traffic. For hours we would travel in beautiful quiet countryside with just the accompaniment of bird song.

Then, shock to the system, we would encounter a swathe of noisy dangerous road and have to run the gauntlet to cross the tarmac before being hit by the torpedo speeds and menace of modern vehicles.

Sights at the side of the road: attractive pub Kent …. Experiencing proper trains. The Bluebell Line. Jack and Daisy after emerging from beautiful year-old carriages made of American oak.

Eridge station and the Spa Valley Railway: modern and not so modern. Close up encounter of the Kent and East Sussex Railway just before we crossed the tracks at Wittersham. Short grass cycling. Following the River Rother in the Rother Levels. Looks like you got a winter and summer holiday in one there! With all this c19 drama I am looking for something after it has gone.

Living near Dorking the high Weald appeals as does your iow trip as further afield looks unlikely. I am senior but still love small adventures and any excuse to use my joy to ride Roberts I will grab. I did the La francette route from Caen last year in the heatwave and loved doing it solo with time to stare and sketch.The military has always been at the cutting edge of technology, so it should come as no surprise that the most advanced robots in the world are being built with military applications in mind.

While the thought of autonomous machines carrying heavy armaments might make people a bit nervous, they have the potential to dramatically reduce loss of life, allowing soldiers to safely scout locations or breach enemy locations. Many of them are even designed for support purposes, rather than eliminating threats. While many military projects from around the world are naturally shrouded in secrecy, some of them see the light of day, including robotic projects. Its modular design allows its controllers to outfit it with a variety of armaments, ranging from non lethal lasers designed to blind foes to tear gas and even a grenade launcher.

The small machine, roaming around on two treads, could be mistaken for a toy — at least, until it whips out its Glock. Yes, the DOGO houses within its body not only a camera, allowing for remote reconnaissance, but also a 9-millimeter pistol. A promotional video from manufacturer General Robotics shows off the DOGO in a scenario like something out of a Tom Clancy story, as a special forces team sends the DOGO into a hostage situation, taking out one of the kidnappers remotely.

When designing a robot for military use, creating a heavily-armed assault machine is an obvious route to take. However, any military force has needs beyond shooting bad guys, and there are quite a few robots in development with an eye toward support functions.

Although the machine is still in development, it will hopefully be able to react quickly to fires and resist much higher temperatures than the human body, thus keeping sailors out of danger. Not every military robot needs to come equipped with guns. Reconnaissance is a vital part of military operations, and the small, spherical Guardbot is built with that purpose in mind.

Originally designed for missions to Mars, the Guardbot is equipped with powerful cameras and can navigate various adverse environments, including those prone to snow, sand, and even water. Designed to assist the U. Marine Corps in various operations, the Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle looks like a small tank, and can be outfitted with various modular tools and armaments depending on what the situation calls for. Allegedly built by two brothers, according to a story by the Baghdad Postthis robot is an unmanned vehicle designed to combat ISIS forces.

Footage of the machine shows it sporting heavy weaponry and rolling around the Iraqi desert on four large wheels. Theoretically, the RoboBee could represent an important step toward insectoid robots capable of transmitting audio or video, which would allow military intelligence to truly be a fly on the wall in important meetings.

Another model of flying surveillance robot, the Black Hornet is made by Prox Dynamics, and looks like a miniature helicopter. The machine contains cameras that can stream live video to the user, allowing them to scout areas from a safe distance.

Small, quiet, and helpful on the battlefield, the Black Hornet is like a Mission Impossible gadget in real life. For more Robots Everywhere check out the series on YouTube. Also read about the Aigencyor how robots are taking over household chores.

Researchers turned beetles into photographers for the sake of science 2 days ago. The best deals on iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners for July 2 days ago.

Mars Helicopter attached to Perseverance Rover ahead of launch April 11, Mark 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 launch by reliving events in real time April 11, Mercury mission BepiColoumbo takes its final glimpse of Earth April 12, The year old Silicon Valley lab that practically invented modern computing April 12, Cassini data could explain April 12, Even on Mars, the Curiosity rover needs to wash its hands April 13, Chicago's former police superintendent "consumed several large servings of rum" before getting behind the wheel and then lied about the incident, a city watchdog revealed on Thursday.

Johnson's downfall came following an Oct. The two "each consumed several large servings of rum" and private surveillance video showed Johnson driving the pair away, the oversight report said.

After dropping off his subordinate at Chicago Police Department headquarters at about p. An officer showed up at a. The officer's body camera recorded Johnson pulling out what appeared to be his Chicago PD identification, according to the report.

two wheels through the weald

A supervising police officer was eventually called to the scene before Johnson was allowed to leave at about a. He blew through one stop sign and turned into a wrong lane before eventually getting home in one piece, the report found. Johnson's lawyer did not immediately respond to phone and email messages left by NBC News on Thursday, seeking comment on behalf of his client.

The department is still conducting an internal probe of all officers who were involved in the Oct. Technically, Johnson was demoted to lieutenant on Dec.

9 military robots that are totally terrifying … and oddly adorable

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two wheels through the weald

Ride of Life. Recent post by Page. Dale's Wheels Through Time. See more. Although the North Carolina Governor has allowed restaurants, swimming pools, and summer camps to open, he will not allow museums to open under "Phase 2".

Unfortunately, because of these continued extensions, we do not have a definitive opening date at this time. We apologize for the long delay in opening this year and look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can. See more info at link below. In this throwback, Dale features two extremely rare Indian board tra Follow along on the DriveForHistory as they roar back to life.The NWHL was showing signs of growth and stability in its rosters and coaching staffs, in addition to expanding to Toronto.

The NWHL started off as a regional-centralized league, relying on bus travel to cut down on costs. The expansion to Minnesota added in flights, and the more recent expansion to Toronto will push that further. One of the key factors that appears to exacerbate coronavirus risks is recirculated air. Any mode of large group transportation will have that, from buses to airplanes to trains. But the border will still be a hurdle to a smooth season.

For at least four weeks, all of the players are living and playing in a controlled environment that severely limits, if not completely cuts off, access to the outside world. Even though the smaller number of teams — six in the NWHL and five in the PWHPA — that lend itself to a shorter timeframe in a bubble, players would still need to take at least three weeks off work to compete. In theory it could be done, assuming the players can arrange the time off, and would provide a unique experience for the teams and fans alike.

The other leagues have provided a blueprint to follow, too, so the organizations would not have to reinvent the wheel if they can overcome the uncertainty. Every league returning is fan-less. Commissioner Dani Rylan told Front Office Sports that the league had 7 millions views during the season. In addition, both organizations have strong digital presences and are deft at pivoting to a digital-only experience.

If a major change to the season has to happen, the possibility of playing regionally with little to no travel involved is a strong idea. Each hub is set to have a player roster for the showcase games, though they can carry more for practices and additional games. For the NWHL, this path is less clear. Michelle Jay 20 hrs ago. These business owners got a PPP loan. It may not be enough. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Found the story interesting?Your Library Podcasts News. On Two Wheels Follow. On Two Wheels is a podcast dedicated to all aspects of motorcycling…from just getting started to the latest models available to group riding to best practices and just about everything in between. Dr John from PYX is host.

Show More. Mark as Played. Tim Bliss is about to take off on his 9th ride visiting 48 states in weeks. Hear about the upcoming trip and his previous trip experiences. John talk about motorcycle rallies Professional Photographer Dino Petrocelli talks about his career including his experience photographing motorcycles, how he got into riding, and many other great stories. You've probably seen his work on many motorcycle publications.

John to talk about the importance of Rider Safety Courses. For seven consecutive years Tim Bliss has taken his Harley on the road and visited 48 states Hope you all can join us.

In this episode, a bit about Harley History and other Motorcycle Manufacturers.

two wheels through the weald

In this episode, group riding. In this episode, joining a motorcycle club. In this episode, a discussion about the new Harley-Davidson's. In this episode, the thrill of riding In this episode, how each got into riding. Advertise With Us. Popular Podcasts. Missing in Alaska … Alaska, Two congressmen vanish on a small plane. Ina mobster tells the F. What happened? Crime Junkie … If you can never get enough true crime Josh and Chuck have you covered.

Help Privacy Policy Terms of Use.Dale's Channel beholds over shows about the history, restorations, and rebuilds that take place at the Wheels Through Time Museum. You can watch the shows on your iPhone, tablet, computer, or smart TV and see any of the shows at anytime. Click here to get subscribed! Curator Dale Walksler and his son Matt are very welcoming, as are the rest of the courteous staff, and ultra knowledgeable. There are bikes here that you will see nowhere else.

Some are one-of-one beauties. I have been there at least 10 times and am planning my next trip now. Check their dates; they close in the winter. Dale was at the entrance when we arrived and was super friendly and let the kids in for free since we took the time to stop in on our vacation.

The entire staff there were excellent and the contents of the place is 2nd to none. It is an unbelievable collection of historic motorcycles and other machines that has to be experienced, i recommend you go there with plenty of time.

Dale is like a kid in a candy store, he is always somewhere in the museum explaining the intracacies of some bike or car to someone or driving one of his vintage machines through the place. A fun time and a great look at the history of the motor world. Biggest collection I have ever seen. Dale the owner and curator came up to several bikes we were looking at and asked if we would like to hear them run.

No sooner than we said absolutely, he was on them and firing them up. Hands on, up close and personal. Like Motorcycles? Then you'll Love this Place! The rest of the staff here are encyclopedias of knowledge, wit, and full of stories that can keep you entertained for hours. Well worth the price of admission and a place not to be missed if you are ever in this part of NC.

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